We encourage you to read the DESA Adult League Mission Statement and About Us page plus the following information about the upcoming season to assist you in determining if DESA is the right league for you!


Registration fees are $133 per player.

Registration for Returning Players from the 2018 season runs from February 15th to February 28th.

Registering & paying during this time-frame guarantees you a spot for the upcoming season. If payment is received after March 1st, your registration may end up on the waiting list behind New Players who are registered & paid. This can get awkward so if you need an extension please discuss that with us in advance and we would be happy to work with you on that.

Registration for New Players starts March 1st and payment is due at time of registration or your registration will be placed on the waiting list.

Please Note that registration doesn't end on a specific date but continues until we reach the maximum number of players we can accommodate. That number is based on team preferences and league rules regarding the minimum & maximum number of players per team....last year that number was 211 players across 16 teams. Once we reach this year's pre-determined number of registered & paid players, any new registrations & those that remain unpaid, will be transferred to a waiting list.



Opening day is Sunday May 26th - Check the Game Schedule page for additional info. The schedule for the 1st part of the season will be available 1-2 weeks prior to the 1st game of the season....it will be posted on the Game Schedule page, the Facebook page and usually emailed out to players individually.


There are several rule changes for 2019, they are highlighted in yellow on the Rules page. Please be sure to read and familiarize yourself with them.


Teams will start the season in either the A or B division based on their standing at the end of the regular season the previous year.

A team with 6 or more players from the previous year is considered the same team and will take their place in the division in which they finished the previous year.

A new team or a team with less than 6 members from the previous season will automatically start the season at the bottom of the B division

Each team will face the other teams in their division 1 time.

Teams will then play 4 inter-divisional games. The top four teams in the standings of each division will face each other and the bottom four teams in the standings of each division will face each other.

Results from the inter-divisional games will impact the standings of the team within their starting division. After the four inter-divisional games the bottom 3 teams from the A division will be relegated to the B division and the top 3 teams from the B division will be promoted to the A division.

Teams will then face the other teams in their divison 1 time.

Results after these games will be used to seed the Tournament schedule and will be the starting divisions for the the following year (assuming all teams return with 6 or more players).


Teams will each play 3 games on Saturday in a Round Robin with the 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 7th placed teams in a division forming one bracket while the 2nd, 4th, 6th, and 8th placed teams will form the other. The A & B divisions games will be interspersed throught the day on Saturday. The results from Saturday's round robin games will be used to determine the schedule for Sunday's single elimination tournament.

1st from one bracket will play 4th from the other.

2nd from one bracket will play 3rd from the other.

3rd from one bracket will play 2nd from the other.

4th from one bracket will play 1st from the other.

Winner of the 1st vs. 4th game will play the winner of the 3rd vs. 2nd game.

Winner of the 4th vs. 1st game will play the winner of the 2nd vs. 3rd game

Winner of those games will face each other and the winner of that final game will be the Division Champions