Changes for the 2019 season are highlighted in yellow.

If you are purchasing a bat check it against the NSA CANADA Official Bat Policy and remember, only women can use composite bats.

Download PDF Copy of DESA Fun League 2019 Rules

Download PDF Copy of NSA Canada 2018 Rules


The DESA Adult Fun League is officiated by NSA umpires; any situations not specifically outlined in the DESA rules will be subject to the existing NSA rules which can be found at 

Player Information

1.       Registration Requirements

a)     Players must be 28 years of age, or older, in the current year (proof of age may be requested).  With the following exception; Couple Registration - one of the registered players must be 28 years of age, or older, in the current year.

b)     Teams shall consist of a minimum of 12 and maximum of 14 full time players with a maximum of 8 males and a minimum of 6 females on the roster.

c)     A final roster of players will be provided by the League at least one week prior to the first game.  It is the Captain's responsibility to keep the League informed of any players who are removed from the roster.

d)     Refund requests will be assessed on a per case basis.  Fees may be prorated if a refund is agreed upon.

e)     Roster players must play a minimum of 8 games during the season to be eligible to play at year end tournament or round robin whichever is chosen by the executive.  Captains may be asked to provide the team scorebook (signed by the umpire) and roster as proof of games played.

f)       Any player that is not registered with the league is deemed ineligible and uninsured.  Therefore, they will not be entitled to join this league or play for the remainder of the season. 

g)     A Team with an ineligible player will forfeit the current game and the offending team will take a loss in the standings for any games in which the ineligible player participated.

h)     Pregnant Players: Due to our insurance policy, if it is confirmed that a player is pregnant, for safety reasons, we will request that she remove herself from the current game and for the remainder of the season.  No refund will be issued.  


2.       Call-Up Players

In the event a team cannot fill the minimum requirement for a game (4 women and 8 players) or cannot field 9 players, the captain has the option to request a call up player from the Call Up Coordinator Call-up players can only come from other teams in the league, and within the same division wherever possible.  A list of call-up players has been created from the player registrations. All Call-Up player requests are filled on a first come, first served basis.

a)     The team needing the call up player does not have a choice in what player they are getting, only if they need a male or female player.

b)     There is no guarantee that a call up player will be available. If no call up player is available, then the team will forfeit the game. No games will be rescheduled due to inability to field a team. If the Captain is unable to field a team, even with call-up player(s) the Captain must contact the Call Up coordinator by 1:00 p.m. game day.

c)     Call up players will only be available for the Tournament Weekend subject to the Tournament Call-up rules:

1.     If call-ups are needed, then the numbers and types of call-ups will follow regular season guidelines.

2.     Call-ups will be looked for from players in the same division or below first but, a request will be sent to players in higher divisions if the spots are not filled.

3.     If a team cannot field the minimum, even with call-ups, the game will be a forfeit and will be scored as 7-0 for the other team.


General Game Information

1.    Start Times:  Single Games

a)     Game times will be 1 hour and 30 minutes.  No new innings will start after   1 hour and 15 minutes. Umpires will be required to call the last inning.

b)     Games should start on time;

·        Players arriving within fifteen minutes of the start time may be added to the bottom of the line up with no penalty regardless of if the batting order has been gone through or not. 

·        A late arriving player may take a defensive position on the field immediately.

c)     Teams in danger of a forfeit may begin play with less than 8 players for the first fifteen minutes.  However, if after this period they cannot field 8 players they will forfeit the game taking a loss. (The game can continue as a fun or practice game with the score not recorded by the league. It will be registered as a forfeit loss.)

·        Allowing players to arrive late

·        Allowing captain to call for call-up players

d)     Regular season games shall be played to completion of the called final inning or 7th inning regardless of time. The start of the next game scheduled for that day on that diamond shall be delayed until the first game is complete. If the home team is leading after the visitors at bat in the final inning the game shall be deemed complete and the home team shall not bat if this occurs. This rule does not apply to tournament or doubleheader games.

2.    Start Time:  Double Headers

Due to the traveling distance between double header locations a 15-minute grace period in which the start may be delayed to allow players to arrive will be granted. No time will be added to the end of the game to make up for this grace period.

3.    Rain Outs

a)     In the event of extremely poor weather or field conditions it may be necessary to cancel a game in advance.  This will occur when the Scheduler of the league calls the team captains to advise them of the cancelled game.  The team captains are then responsible for contacting the players on their teams.

b)     A rain out will be determined by the umpire at the field.  Teams are expected to be at the field and prepared to play.

c)     Rain outs will only be re-scheduled at the discretion of the league. 

4.    Code Of Conduct

a)     Foul language of any sort will not be tolerated from players or spectators, failure to abide by these rules will result as follows:

·        1st offence: Warning by umpire.

·        2nd offence:  Player or the player the spectator is representing MAY be ejected from the game by the umpire and the player may face additional suspensions from DESA sanctioned games at the discretion of the DESA executive.

·        NO REFUND will be issued for games missed due to suspensions

b)     Physical Altercations: DESA and NSA have ZERO TOLERANCE for physical altercations.

·        EFFECT: Player WILL be ejected from the game by the umpire and Player may face additional suspensions from DESA and NSA sanctioned games at the discretion of the DESA executive and NSA officials

·        NO REFUND will be issued for games missed due to ejections or suspensions

c)     Captains are the team representative and in this capacity may approach the umpire with concerns, no other player may approach the umpire with concerns but should bring their concerns to their captains:

·        Judgment calls are not to be questioned at any time i.e. safe or out calls, lead offs, infield flies etc.

·        Umpires can be approached by the captain to receive clarification due to;

§  Misinterpretation of a playing rule to a given situation

§  Failure of an umpire to apply the correct rule to a given situation

§  Failure to impose the correct penalty for a given violation

d)     Alcohol: No alcohol will be permitted in the park at any time.


5.    Grievances

If players on a team have a concern or dispute they would like to discuss they are to follow the following procedure:

1st   Player must contact their captain

2nd    Captain and/or player to submit a Grievance on the web-site or via E-mail to the convenor.  The convenor will consult with the umpire, if necessary, and all parties involved trying to resolve the matter

3rd   Convenor to arrange a meeting with the Adult League Executive to discuss the situation and attempt to resolve the matter

4th   Final step (only if necessary) will be to the League President

·        It will be at the discretion of the executive to include the parties involved in any subsequent meetings.  The League President will have the right to make a decision that all parties must abide by or the offending player will be asked to resign as a player for the season with no refund

·        The DESA Adult League rules augment the existing NSA rules which apply in every situation not covered by the DESA rules

·        Rules, penalties and fines will be enforced at the discretion of the Executive Committee

6.    Score Sheets

a)     Score sheet must be filled in correctly.  No nicknames allowed.  Shirt Numbers, First Name and Last initials are mandatory.

b)     Captains are to submit their respective line-ups to one another prior to game, including players' first name, last initial and shirt #.

c)     Each score sheet is official.  Team Name & Number and the signature of both captain's and the umpire must be on the score sheet.  Captains are required to submit results via the Web-site or email prior to the next scheduled game.

·        Web site:  

·        Email Address:  


7.    General Equipment

a)     No metal cleats will be permitted in this league.

b)     Soft rubber cleats are recommended.

c)     Although helmets are not provided by DESA their use is at the discretion of individual players.

d)     The league assumes no responsibility for any injuries sustained due to jewellery worn by any player during a game.

e)     A Pitcher’s mask is available to each team upon request. Pitchers have the option to wear this, or their own mask while pitching.


General Game Rules

1.    Bat List

a)     Only the following types of bats may be used:

·        Bats that have been provided by DESA and have the DESA label on them.

·        Bats approved by a DESA representative which have a DESA label on them.

·        Only women can use composite bats; subject to the above requirement for prior approval by a DESA representative.

b)     In the event a player is caught using a non approved bat, the following penalty will be imposed;

·        Batted Ball:  Batter will be declared out, ball declared dead and the bat shall be removed from the game; all advancement of runners will be reversed.

·        Ball not in play:  Bat will be removed from game.

2.       Field of Play

a.     Commitment line between home plate and 3rd base should be 20 feet from the front corner of home plate.  It is the responsibility of the home team to mark this line prior to the start of the game.

b.     Home team is to have bases pegged down in a proper fashion, 65 feet from one another.   

c.      In the interest of pitchers’ safety, a pitching line will be placed 35 feet from the back point of home plate. The line must be at least 5 feet in length.  Pitchers must start their pitch with at least one foot behind or touching this line.

d.     Safety base to be used at 1st base.

e.     Home team is to supply 2 - 12 inch balls, 1 of which should be a new ball.

f.       Overthrows that stay within bounds are open to as many bases as the runner can take.

g.     Out of Bounds - If a ball is thrown out of bounds (e.g. into the dugout, under the screen, over the screen, outside the fence) the base runner will be awarded additional base(s).  The number of bases is at the discretion of the umpire and dependant on where the runner is at the time of the throw, and where if the ball was thrown from (infield or outfield).

h.     NSA Infield fly rule shall apply.  INFIELD FLY: an infield fly is a fair ball not including a line drive which can be caught by an infielder with ordinary effort when first and second or first, second and third bases are occupied before two (2) are out.  Any fielder can catch an infield fly (DESA Note: In DESA games the pitcher is not a defensive player.)

NSA NOTE: when it seems apparent that a batted ball will be an infield fly the umpire shall immediately declare “INFIELD FLY BATTER IS OUT” to aid the runners. If the ball is near the foul lines the umpire shall declare “INFIELD FLY BATTER IS OUT, IF FAIR” The ball is alive and runners may advance at the risk of the ball being caught or retouch and advance after the fielder touches the ball. If the hit ball becomes a foul ball it is treated the same as any other foul ball.

i.        At MEMORIAL NORTH DIAMOND: A ball that clears the fence in flight left of the pathway and in fair territory shall be deemed a double by ground rule. Right of the pathway and in fair territory shall be deemed a homerun if the ball clears the fence in flight.

j.        In the event that the pitcher is struck by or contacts a batted ball, the ball will be declared dead and time will be called. No runners shall advance. A pitcher struck or contacting a batted ball shall have the same effect as a foul ball. The batter will return to the box and continue the at bat. In the event of a struck / contacted pitcher on the 4th pitch of the at bat the batter shall be declared out.

3.       Official Game Status

a)     Game times will be 1 hour and 30 minutes.  No new innings will start after 1 hour and 15 minutes. Umpires will be required to call the last inning.

b)     In the event of a player injury the game will be stopped for a reasonable amount of time, as determined by the Umpire, to allow the injured player to leave the field.  Due to our permits additional time will not be added to the game time.

c)     Innings 1 through 6 consist of 3 outs or a maximum of 7 runs per inning, whichever comes first.  The 7th inning or last called inning will consist of 3 outs but there will be no limit on the runs scored.

d)     All games are to consist of 7 full innings - time permitting.  If home team is ahead after the top of the last inning, the bottom of the inning will not count, and does not need to be played.

e)     Four full innings constitutes a game in the event of a rainout or lack of time; if home team is ahead after 3.5 innings, the game is complete.

f)       A tie is a tie.  No extra innings will be played.

g)     In the event that an umpire does not attend captains shall include the absence in their report of the score. Further, the pitcher will be used as umpire for all calls with exception of fair / foul calls as they are in a good position to call plays and the catcher will make fair and foul calls. Judgement calls will not be in dispute. Calls with respect to application of rule will be discussed between the captains and subject to resolution.

4.       Defensive Line-Up

a)     Teams must field a minimum of 8 players and maximum of 9 players;

·        A maximum of 2 men shall play the outfield.

·        A maximum of 2 men shall play in the infield.

·        A Player of either gender may play the catcher position.

·        A Team can play with 8 players positioned at the Captains discretion subject to the above limitations.

b)     All outfielders must have both feet on the outfield grass until the batter has hit the ball.  If any outfielder is not on the grass, the batter will automatically be called safe at 1st base.

c)     Outfielders (including Rover) cannot make a force out at 1st base; with the following exception; 

·        When runner runs past 1st base (toward 2nd base) or if they leave the base on a fly ball caught by the outfielder.  The outfielder, in these cases, can throw behind the runner to 1st and get the runner out.

d)     All infielders must remain behind the pitching line and in front of the grass until the batter has made contact with the ball.

e)     The catcher is not required to wear equipment nor is he/she required to be in a crouched position.  It is recommended that the catcher stand back and to the same side as the batter to prevent injury from foul balls.

5.       Offensive Team Line-Up

a)     Team shall consist of a minimum of 8 players and a maximum of 14 full time players.

b)     Each batter will receive 4 pitches ONLY!  It is at the batter’s discretion to attempt to hit the ball.  If no hit occurs after the 4 pitches, the batter is automatically called out.

c)     The pitcher will be from the batting team - and position themselves with at least one foot on or behind the pitching line; no windmills.

d)     Batting will follow one of the following formats;

·        If an equal number of each gender is present then the batting order will be a male/female, or a female/male rotation.

·        If an equal number of each gender is not present, then the unequal batting order procedure is used;

§  Males and Females present are listed separately at the top and bottom of the line-up.

§  The batting order rotates though the lists as you alternate between the two lists.

e)     No intentional bunting by women or men, intention is at the discretion of the umpire, a warning may be issued regarding intent.

f)       NSA BATTER'S BOX Rule will be used as our batter’s box rule. Players with concerns are directed to ask the umpire to clarify the rule.  Additionally, stepping on or directly in front of the plate and contacting (hitting) the ball will result in an out and the play is dead, no runners can advance.  

6.       Base Running

a)     Runs are scored when the player crosses the home plate line, if the runner makes contact with home plate the runner is automatically out.  The catcher is to stand on home plate when making the out at home, the runner must cross the home plate line prior to the catcher catching the ball and touching the plate. 

·        There will also be a committal line marked between third base and home.   This will be 20' from the plate.  If a runner passes this line, he/she must continue home or the umpire will automatically call out the runner.

b)     In the event that the catcher/or other player has the ball somewhere along the 3rd base line as the runner is going home, there may be a case where the catcher tags the runner before they reach home plate. This should only be allowed and counted as an "out" if the runner is tagged on the 3rd base side of the commit line.  If the runner has passed the commit line, the only way to get them out is if the player with the ball touches home plate before the runner crosses the home plate line.

c)     Runner is out if he/she touches the white part of 1st base on a run through.  In turn, the runner will be deemed safe if the 1st baseman is touching the orange side of the bag.  This is to prevent collisions on the base path.

d)     If the runner touches the white side of the 1st base bag they must make the turn toward 2nd base.  Failure to do so will result in the batter being called out.

e)     NO STEALING:  Runner must maintain contact with the base until the batter makes contact with the ball.   Any player failing to do so will result in an out, called at the discretion of the umpire!

f)       SLIDING is not mandatory but is permitted with the following exception;

·        No sliding at first base or home plate (Penalty-runner is out; ball is dead). Runners may dive back or slide back to all three (3) bases.


Where one base runner is replaced by another base runner in the event of injury, disability or strategically the courtesy runner is to continue running from the base obtained from the first runner.

a)     A maximum of 4 courtesy runners will be permitted per team.

b)     Courtesy runner must be of the same gender as the runner being replaced and must be the last out of that gender.  In the event the last same gender out is on base the courtesy runner will be the closest out of the same gender that is not currently on base or the person of the same gender farthest away in the order from batting.  In the first inning, if there are none out, the runner must come from the bottom of the batting order.

c)     If a player announces to the umpire and opposing team at the beginning of the game that they are injured and require a courtesy runner;

·        They will receive a courtesy runner in the event they reach 1st base.

·        This will not count towards the 4 per team. 

·        However, if this injured player goes beyond 1st base (2nd or 3rd), during their at bat, no free courtesy runner will be awarded and they will then lose the free courtesy runner privilege for the remainder of the game and the team will have to rely on their allotted 4 courtesy runners.